• Client: Six Flags Great Escape

  • Location: New York

  • Category: Repairs / Wood Coaster Repair



“I’d argue it’s the best roller coaster in the Northeast.”-Times Union

Six Flags Great Escape’s 90-year-old wooden coaster, the Comet, is a transplant ride originally based at Crystal Beach Amusement Park in Ontario. A portion of the ride was built in 1927 and was named the Cyclone. Two decades later, the ride was renamed the Comet after its new space shooter redesign, the same name that’s still used today. 

Northwest Coasters repaired the massive 4,197-ft wooden coaster. From the repairs, riders can still enjoy the coaster’s 55-mph speed and 85-ft high-airtime drops throughout its 2-minute, 15-second ride duration.

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