Wildfire Coaster

  • Client: Kolmården Wildlife Park

  • Location: Kolmården, Sweden

  • Labor

Wildfire Coaster


“The ride’s unique setting within the 370-acre park, one of Sweden’s most popular destinations, will offer guests breathtaking views across Bråviken.”-blooloop

Kolmården Wildlife Park, known first as a family-friendly zoo, now houses the third fastest roller coaster in the world, Wildfire. At 70.2 mph, the wooden coaster barely scrapes past Six Flags Great Adventure’s El Toro, which clocks in at 70 mph. Located between Safari and Marine World, Wildfire spans an impressive 161-foot length, with riders experiencing an 83-degree drop and three full inversions.

Northwest Coasters provided labor to help coaster company, Rocky Mountain Construction so that the project could meet the deadline.

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