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Roller Coaster Construction

  • Renovations

    Northwest Coasters has extensive experience in coaster renovations. We can improve the structure of your roller coaster for a safer, more thrilling ride. 

  • Dismantlement

    If you are needing a coaster taken down or removed, we can assist you with dismantling your coaster safely and securely for transport or decommission.

  • Ride Assembly

    Do you need a ride assembled? We can just do ride assembly. We will come in after the foundations are set and set up your ride and mechanicals.

  • Wood Roller Coasters

    Wooden roller coasters are unique and require a specific skill set. Our team at Northwest Coaster has extensive experience with wood coasters. During the renovation of a wooden roller coaster we, emphasize ride quality while not compromising the nostalgia of the ride experience. If you are just looking to update an older coaster, we can help with that too. 

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Amusement Park Infrastructure and General Construction

  • Coaster Add-ons

  • Gift Shops

  • Snack Stands

  • Q-Lines